Bible Studies and Programming

There are many ways for adults to get involved. St. Helena’s warm hospitality makes this church a welcoming place for all, creating a sense of family and a continuing reunion that binds us together. You’re always invited … and welcome to bring a friend! To find out more about the opportunities for study at St. Helena's, click HERE to view the latest listing of our Bible studies and programs.

In addition to our WASH (Wednesdays at St. Helena's) programming, there are other opportunities for study.
  • Rector's Forum, Sundays, 9:15 am 
  • Adult Confirmation Class (Begins Sunday, Feb. 4/5 weeks), Sundays, 9:15 am - REGISTER HERE!
  • 1 Corinthians Bible Study, Wednesdays, 11 am
  • Men's Bible and Breakfast, Thursdays, 7 am


What is Cursillo? Cursillo is a Spanish term for a short course in Christianity. It is designed to encourage Christians to know God better and enjoy a deeper relationship with Christ. The weekend-long event starts on a Thursday evening at St. Christopher Camp and Conference Center and concludes on Sunday afternoon. It involves listening to “talks,” small group discussions, worshiping, time for personal reflection, and sometimes even healing. Cursillo helps Christians hear God’s call in their life and empowers them to take Christ out into their world. The focus is on building Christian leaders, encouraging small groups, and strengthening believers. Many participants come away with such an understanding of God’s grace and love that they feel called back to be on team and have the opportunity to serve others. This can often be even better than their first weekend. Please contact Rev. Todd Simonis at if you are interested in learning more about Cursillo.

Foyer Groups

The Foyer Group program at St. Helena’s takes its roots from the old English tradition of gathering together to share a meal and to enjoy wonderful fellowship. There is no better way to become a part of our church family if you are new, getting back into circulation, or just want to enjoy the company of your fellow parishioners than by participating in this great tradition! Beginning in the fall and continuing through May, Foyer Groups of 6-12 members meet once a month. Generally these gatherings are covered-dish dinners hosted in each others’ homes; but many enjoy brunch after church, restaurant dining, boating outings, etc. Foyer Groups are open to all age groups, couples, and individuals. For more information, call Paula Elliott at 843-524-2591 or email her at

Steppin' Out for Christ

Throughout the year, the women of the parish get together to share a meal and socialize. Christ is the centerpiece of our ladies getting together in fellowship. Women of the parish share their testimonies and ministries with us. We begin at 5:30 pm for fellowship. Cost is $20 per person. Dinner is served at 6:30 pm. For more information, contact Anne Mitchell at 843-575-1780. Events are held in the fall and the spring. Watch for details in The Weekly eNewsletter.
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