Parish Pictorial Directory

NEW! Online Parish Directory

We will be making available in the summer a NEW online directory. Parishioners will be given a unique username and password to access the directory as well as enable them to update their personal information in the church’s database, all through our website.

Your Photo Is Needed!

Rather than bringing in an outside company to photograph parishioners, we are asking you to send us your photographs so that we can add them to our database. Photo specifications are listed below:

Digital Photo Specifications: 

  • It is best to have a simple background. 
  • Try to have all who are in the photo position their heads toward the camera. (Remember, the purpose of the photo is to put a name with a face, so we must be able to see everyone’s face.)
  • Provide a list of all family members who are pictured. 
  • Please use the hi-resolution setting on your camera or iPhone.
  • Send your digital image to Kelly Newnham at

Print Photo Specifications:

  • Drop off a photo in an envelope at Debbie Ten Eyck’s desk in the Lobby/Bookstore. 
  • Be sure your photo is clearly marked with your name and contact information.
  • Provide a list of all family members who are pictured.
  • Your photo will be scanned, and we will let you know when you can pick it up. 

Photo Appointments:

If you do not have a current photo and cannot take or have one taken, please contact Kelly Newnham at or at (843) 522-1712, ext. 208, so we can schedule a time for you to stop by and have a photograph made. 

2013 Parish Directory

The Parish Directory is published every five years. To access the 2013 Parish Directory, please contact Kelly Newnham, Director of Communications, at (843) 522-1712, ext. 208, to obtain a password. If you have the password, click HERE to view the directory.

To help us stay informed, please let us know when your personal information changes by contacting Stellena Mumma, Director of Operations and Finance, at the church office or email her at


Kelly Newnham, Director of Communications
Phone: (843) 522-1712, ext. 208