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Listen to the Sunday, April 23, 2017, worship service:  HERE

Receive the Holy Spirit
Rt. Rev. Alden M. Hathaway |
04/23/2017 |
Sermon from John 20:19-31
Faith or Folly
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
04/16/2017 |
Easter Sermon from Matthew 28:1-10
Good Friday
Rev. Matthew L. Rusch |
04/14/2017 |
Sermon from John 18:1-19
Maundy Thursday
Rev. Todd Simonis |
04/13/2017 |
Sermon from John 13:1-17, 31-35
Who Is This?
Rev. Matthew L. Rusch |
04/09/2017 |
Palm Sunday sermon from Matthew 27:11-54
Lead Us Not Into Temptation ...
Rev. Todd Simonis |
04/02/2017 |
Sermon from Matthew 6:5-15 / QUESTIONS? (1) In what ways have you experienced God leading you? (2) How have you been “lured” by the evil one? (3) How can you discern between what is the Lord’s leading and what is a lure? (4) What role does God’s Word have as you face temptations and discern God’s will for you? (How was Jesus an example for you in these ways?)
Forgive Us Our Sins ...
Rt. Rev. Mark J. Lawrence |
03/26/2017 |
Lord, Teach Us to Pray Series // Sermon from Matthew 6:5-15 (See Study Guide for small group questions)
Our Daily Bread ...
Rev. Matthew L. Rusch |
03/19/2017 |
Sermon from Matthew 6:5-15 / QUESTIONS? (1) Are you centering your life on anything besides Christ today? (3) Have you ever received something that you wanted really badly and then gotten bored with it, or have it go bad on you? (3) How is God calling you to conform to His will today?
Your Kingdom Come …
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
03/12/2017 |
Sermon from Luke 11:1-4 // QUESTIONS? (1) What are some ways that you have experienced the Kingdom come in your life? (2) How do we know the Lord’s will so we know what to pray for?
Our Father in Heaven ...
Rev. Todd Simonis |
03/05/2017 |
Lord, Teach Us to Pray Series // Sermon from Luke 11:1-13 // QUESTIONS? (1) Read Luke 11:1-13. Did anything from the text or the Sunday sermon stand out as it relates to “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name?” (2) What does it mean to be “hallowed?” How does that fit in our culture today? (3) What words would you use to describe your earthly father? (4) What words would you use to describe your Heavenly Father? (5) How are/were your earthly father and Heavenly Father similar? Different? (6) How might your experiences with your earthly father shape the way you think about your Heavenly Father? (7) How does your perception of your Heavenly Father impact how you pray? (8) What is the significance that our Father is in Heaven? (9) Why is God’s “name” significant? (10) Read Luke 15:11-32. How does this reflect our Heavenly Father?