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Listen to the Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, worship service:  HERE

A Different Kind of Righteousness
Rev. Matthew L. Rusch |
02/12/2017 |
Sermon from Matthew 5:21-37 // QUESTIONS? (1) Who relaxed the law? (2) Why did they relax the law? (3) What is a better way forward?
A Growing Body
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
01/29/2017 |
Vision Series (3rd of 3) // Sermon from Ephesians 4:11-16 // QUESTIONS? (1) Have you ever considered that we are all a part of the ministry of the church? What role do you think the Lord has gifted you to play? (2) Paul’s image of the church as the Body of Christ is powerful. How does this image affect our understanding of growth?
A Blessed Vision
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
01/22/2017 |
Vision Series (2nd of 3) // Sermon from Genesis 12:1-9 // QUESTIONS? (1) Recall a time in your life that you did not want to follow God’s call. How were you able to discern his way was better? What helped you get over the fear? (2) Why is vision so important to any organization? What part of the St. Helena’ vision is most exciting to you?
Every Church Has a Mission
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
01/15/2017 |
Vision Series (1st of 3) // Sermon from Matthew 28:16-20 // QUESTIONS? (1) Where do you experience doubt in your walk with Jesus? Is it surprising for you to think of doubt as healthy? (2) What is hardest for you about the call to “go” in the Great Commission? How does the promise empower us to go? (3) Why do churches each approach the Great Commission differently? What are some of the different ways you have seen churches be successful?
Follow Me
Rev. Matthew L. Rusch |
01/08/2017 |
Sermon from Matthew 4:12-22 // QUESTIONS? (1) Is there any area of your life where you are not following Jesus? (2) Have you ever tried to do the right thing and failed? Why do you think you failed? (3) What is Jesus’ mission? Does your life reflect one that is committed to the mission of Jesus?
New Year's Revolution
Rev. Todd Simonis |
01/01/2017 |
Sermon from Luke 2:15-21
Glory to God in the Highest
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
12/24/2016 |
Christmas Eve Sermon from Luke 2:1-20
An Unbelievable Name
Rev. Matthew L. Rusch |
12/18/2016 |
Sermon from Mathew 1:18-25 // QUESTIONS? (1) How is Jesus the son of David? (2) How is Jesus the Son of God? (3) How is Jesus God with us?
Are You the One?
Rev. Shay Gaillard |
12/11/2016 |
Sermon from Matthew 11:2-11 // QUESTIONS? (1) How have you seen God work in your life and in the lives of others in ways that strengthen your faith? (2) If John was a messenger in his day, who has been a messenger in your life for the truth of the Gospel and the reality of Jesus? (3) What aspect of the Christmas message is most hopeful for you?
Sign of the Times
Rev. Todd Simonis |
12/04/2016 |
Sermon from Matthew 3:1-12 // QUESTIONS? (1) How were the ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus similar? (2) How were the ministries of John the Baptist and Jesus different? (3) What are some examples of ways we seek satisfaction in the world when true satisfaction can only be found in Christ?