Local Missions

Radiance Women’s Center

The Radiance Women’s Center is a nonprofit, faith-based, community organization that provides pregnancy support services and education to promote and preserve life for families in Beaufort and the surrounding area. The center continues to receive funding assistance through our Mission and Outreach ministries. Several parishioners provide counseling and guidance at the center. All services are free and confidential. 

Good Neighbor Medical Clinic

The Good Neighbor Medical Clinic located in the business park behind Sonic on Lady’s Island provides primary and preventive health care at no cost to the residents of Beaufort County who have limited income and cannot afford or cannot qualify for health insurance or Medicaid. Its mission is to provide compassionate, skilled medical care to those in need in the name of Jesus Christ. Parishioners from St. Helena’s have been instrumental in the establishment of the clinic. If you would like to get involved with this ministry, contact the clinic at (843) 470-9088.

Washington Street Park Ministry (Second Friday of the Month)

St. Helena’s is dinner host on the second Friday of the month 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. at Washington Street Park. The Christian fellowship and relationships with our neighbors in the Northwest Quadrant continue to flourish, with great growth in the number of parishioners joining this ministry. The number of diners has grown from 30 regulars to approximately 50-60, with six other area churches regularly participating throughout the year, including Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many residents have been helped with doctor’s appointments and transportation, and several are attending Bible studies and church services.

Every Friday night, a simple meal is offered to all who gather at this small downtown city park at the corner of Washington and Newcastle streets. A family-style gathering under the park’s shelter offers dinner, singing, prayers, and shared Christian fellowship. St. Helena’s needs missionaries with a gift of providing prayer, music, soup, sandwiches, cookies, beverage, paper products, etc.  For more information, please call Becky Mitchell as (843) 524-2399 or email her at becky@islc.net.

HELP Sunday

Parishioners are invited to bring canned or packaged, nonperishable food items to the church on the first Sunday of the month – HELP Sunday. Items are placed in the HELP wheelbarrow, parked outside the main entrance to the church. The proceeds are distributed within our community to seasonal farm worker camps on Saint Helena Island. For more information, contact Bill Fox at (843) 838-0106.


St. Helena’s provides lay ministers for weekly Bible studies held at the YMCA every Monday and Tuesday. There are approximately 150 students ranging from kindergarten to 5th grade involved in these studies. The students have begun participating in intercessory prayer at the beginning of their Bible study. We know of three students who have been baptized as a result of their attendance. For more information, please contact the Rev. Matt Rusch at (843) 522-1712 or email him at mrusch@sthelenas1712.org.

Young Life

Young Life is a nonprofit, Christian organization that reaches un-churched adolescents around the world. For more information about Young Life in Beaufort, contact Alex Holroyde at (513) 646-0812 or visit the website at beaufort.younglife.org.