World Missions

We Are Called to Go and Make Disciples

Mission to the Unreached in Asia

Since 2010,  St. Helena’s has commissioned 17 people to take the Word to Asia. Recently, parishioners have ministered to the Bell people in Asia, partnering with the Church of Our Savior, Palm Bay, Florida, and Anglican Frontier Missions (AFM). The parish also has a Skype ministry Bible Study with friends in Asia, and in 2016, St. Helena’s will send one young adult on mission. St. Helena’s supports long-term missionaries through AFM.

Mission to Unreached and Persecuted in Ethiopia

In 2015 and 2016, parishioners were part of a Diocesan mission to Gambella, Ethiopia, on the South Sudan border. Bishop Grant and Dr. Wendy LeMarquand and Rev. Johann and Louise van der Bijl are full-time missionaries (SAMS), planting churches and a seminary amongst  many tribes and people groups. St. Helena’s supports the missionaries through FADE (Friends of the Anglican Diocese of Egypt).

Other Missions

Two parishioners will be on mission in Turkey through AFM (summer 2016), and young adults continue to travel to Uganda through Solar Light for Africa.


For more information about missions at St. Helena's, contact Jane Manos at jkmanos@gmail.com.