Clergy and Staff

Rev. Shay Gaillard

(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Todd Simonis

Senior Associate
(O) 843-522-1712

Rt. Rev. Alden Hathaway

Bishop in Residence 
(O) 843-522-1712

Rev. Chuck Pollak

Chaplain for Prison Ministry
(O) 803-896-3249 
(M) 843-635-5056

Rev. Chad Lawrence

Priest Associate/
Headmaster HTCCS
(O) 843-522-0660

Claudia Carucci

Pastoral Care Coordinator
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 204 
(M) 516-606-3360

Melissa Davis

Director of Children's Ministry
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 215
(M) 843-441-1923

Frank Fagan

Grounds Superintendent
(O) 843-522-1712

Valerie Fisher

Executive Assistant to Rector & Office Manager 
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 207

Diane Hawkins

Connection Ministries
(M) 843-540-7356

Carol Lee

(O) 843-522-1712

Michael McIntyre

Praise & Worship Leader
(M) 843-452-7345

Stellena Mumma

Director of Operations & Finance
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 217

Kelly Newnham

Director of Communications
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 208

Andrea Runyan

Clergy & Admin Assistant
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 230

John Stender

Director of Music
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 214 
(M) 843-540-7932

Debbie Ten Eyck

Facilities & Parish Events Coordinator
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 203

Teresa Witt

Nursery Coordinator
(O) 843-522-1712, ext. 210


The Vestry at St. Helena’s is a group of men and women who have been called to serve the Lord and this congregation. Vestry members are elected by the whole parish and try to represent the interests of all parish members. Vestry members have a liaison role between the parish members and the clergy and staff.

2017 Vestry Members

(PICTURED) Back row L-R: Ken Burns, Wayne Cousar, Rev. Shay Gaillard (Rector), Charley Webb, Rion Salley, Keith O'Steen, Greg Baisch, Chet Houston. Front row L-R: Ann McDuff, Paula Elliott, Lauren Ivens, Christie Sanders O’Neal, Sarah Hyle. Not pictured: Larry Hofmann Jr., Keith O’Neal.
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